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Why become our Member?

  1. Trademark for trust and reliability
  2. Inter-member networking opportunity
  3. Skills enhancement and training opportunities.
  4. Contract enrichment support
  5. University portfolio referencing for Eligible members.
  6. Representation in the NEC University Fairs and Seminars in UK and Nepal.
  7. Right to uses “NEC UK” logo on their electronic and paper communications.
  8. Organisational listing on our database, and events organised by NEC UK.

Standard Membership:

Membership will be open to any Consultants:

  1. Living in UK and registered as a Limited company in UK to promote Higher Education.
  2. Adhering to the aim of the Association ( NEC UK)
  3. Payment of the Annual membership fees.
  4. Membership will begin as soon as the membership form is duly completed, conditions are met and first annual payment has been received. The approval is subject to the discretion of Membership Coordinator and Board.
  5. There will be an annual membership renewal fee which will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will be payable by all members.


  Standard Membership- Requirements

Fee £200 (Proposed)

  1. Trading in UK as a registered company for minimum 1 Year. 
  2. Proof of Address.
  3. Completed Membership Form.
  4. Driving License or any proof of ID.
  5. Demonstrate professional competence and Purpose.
  6. Demonstrate at least one partnership with Education bodies either by direct representation, or sub contracting. This condition will be waived for British Council Advanced Agent Training Certificate holders.