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About Us

About Us


Why NEC UK ?

Nepal Education Council UK, henceforth with acronym NEC UK has been formed with the wider goal of bringing the Higher education professionals promoting UK.  , and acting as an intermediary to develop a satisfying and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

We are primarily focussed on the professional development needs of existing and the aspiring Education Consultants, a genuine networking podium to build and nurture professional expertise guided by our code of conduct, memorandum of association and quality assurance mechanism. Our secondary goals include responding to the challenges and opportunities in the higher education in UK by collaborating with the educational establishments and relevant bodies for strategic exchanges to service the higher education community and act for the developments in our filed.  We collect the market intelligence data from Education Agents, University, Student Bodies and concerned stakeholders to get more insights about the factors affecting the sector now and in future.

Our Partners:

Our partners are the Team of Experienced Education Consultants, British Council Certified Consultants, University-Direct Representatives who are Higher education expert and have adequate knowledge, training and information to advise the perspective candidates in their plans to study in UK with the highest level of professional competence and ethical guidelines set by us.

Advisors from HE Industry

We also coordinate with the experts in the Higher education industry for their advise, information and exchange of opinions to serve better and raise our standard.

As such, our mission, vision and the objectives are inclined towards professional development, ethical commitment and improving the professionalism in the industry.

Our Core Vision:

 “To connect education fraternities engaged in consultancy industry promoting UK   , and establish professionalism that creates value for every stakeholder involved globally”.

Our Aims and Objectives:

The aim of the Nepal Education Council UK (NEC UK) will be:

  1. Professional Integrity and Networking:
  2. Institutional Representation towards  external Liaison and coordination  :
  3. Exchange of information between  members and Educational Establishments:
  4. Institutional response System- Help and Support platform
  5. Institutional response System – Combating disinformation and digital literacy

     Our aims and objectives -Defined pathways:  

1. Professional Integrity and Networking:

- To bring together the Higher Education professionals including Nepalese Education Consultants practising in UK.

- To promote the uniformity and standard in the Profession through ethical practices, advise and counselling building trust and reputation.

- To establish NEC UK as the institution as a guide to its members against any unsolicited benefits from the students community or the Educational Institution.

- To build a solid quality assurance mechanism and compliance pact among the members. 


2. Institutional Representation towards  external Liaison and coordination  :

- To liaise with the Education Providers, Government, awarding bodies, accreditation agencies or concerned institutions and stakeholders.

- To act as an intermediary for simplification and rectification of any complications or defects in the regulatory mechanism, requirements and validation.

- To formulate the connection between Nepalese Education Consultants and professionals in UK with fellow counterparts in Nepal and the World.


3. Exchange of information between  members and Educational Establishments:

- To keep the members duly updated on the important matters in the education sector

- Provide instant and continuous market intelligence and client’s feedback from our industry to education providers, Government or any relevant authorities for better quality, service standard and benefit of all including student bodies


  • 4. Institutional response System- Help and Support platform

- To set up a platform among the fraternity for the combined institutional response during the crisis, hardships, difficulties or any matters concerning the Students and take urgent actions if applicable.

- To formulate Help and advice system to perspective student bodies for scholarships or Financial Assistance connecting them with proper channels and right advice.


5.Institutional response System Combating disinformation and digital literacy 

- To propel accurate information about the Higher education in UK , role of Education Consultancies and related information to the  public and every stakeholders , when necessary to improve the online accountability and discourage misleading source.

- To respond mitigate and challenge any unjustified comments, unverified news, uncivilised and manipulative trolls ,  derogatory materials, falsification about the industry and its roles across any social media, online publications, printed media  or public domain.